Sunny & Stylish South Beach, Florida


Ahhhhh, Summer Vacation at its best. Livin’ the life down in South Beach, Florida was GREAT! There is absolutely SO much to do down there. The beach of course was amazing, and the pool was just so gorgeous and relaxing. I love how everything is so upscale down there. It’s almost like another dimension (a luxurious one, that is). This was my second expedition to the land of palm trees, clear water, and the third DASH location (yes, I said it) and I certainly hope that it won’t be my last.

My view lounging by the pool. Simply paradise…..



Oh, and did I mention…it was Mercedes Benz Miami Swimsuit Fashion Week!



Strollin’ down the street gazing at the traffic rushing by.


Coincidentally, we saw Flo Rida, in Florida! (hehe) He was fantastic by the way.

IMG_6041   Cloudy skies don’t seem to matter when you’re in South Beach.


See, I’m not going to deny it…I had to visit DASH Miami. And yes, i went inside to see the infamous Dash Dolls 😉

IMG_6062 IMG_6063


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