Bold Backpack

Behold….the new and improved BACKPACK!!!

I just purchased the bag on the far right. Even though I graduated college and do not need a “bookbag” anymore, I still found several uses for these bags. Since summer time is rapidly approaching, you can bring one of these bad boys down the shore, and attract everyone’s eye. The second I saw the hot pink trim out of the corner of my eye I was SOLD. Be sure to purchase your absolutely trendy bag the next time you are in Target…did I mention I love Target? (so fashionable AND affordable!)


Rainy Day Couture?

Rainy Day Couture?

Unfortunately, with the SPRING season comes a little bit of rain, such as today. BUTTTTT, rain should NEVER stand in the way of dressing your best. Here are some style options that are especially cute on dreary, rainy days. PS…with … Continue reading