Maxi Dress Madness

Good Morning Fashionistas, incase you didn’t know, ITS MAXI DRESS SEASON! Here are some different types of maxi dresses that you can search for in the desired store you wish to shop at, as well as some maxi dress wearing tips. Maxi dresses are the absolute trendiest apparel item that you can wear to a more-than-casual but less-than-formal occasion. For example, last Saturday was my friend’s graduation party, and I wore one of my maxi dresses to the event. Since the dress is cotton, it definitely dresses down the look, however, the fact that it is a dress spices up the femininity, establishing the ideal look.

There is only ONE rule when it comes to donning a maxi dress: DO NOT PAIR WITH WEDGES!

When pairing this elongated dress with elongated shoes, the look becomes completely warped. The shoes do not compliment the dress (or vice versa), because they both are huge fashion statements that do not work well together. So keep the shoe game simple wearing flat sandals, and you can never go wrong.

The following are a few different maxi dress styles that are up for grabs under several various brands. Take your pick!





Bold Backpack

Behold….the new and improved BACKPACK!!!

I just purchased the bag on the far right. Even though I graduated college and do not need a “bookbag” anymore, I still found several uses for these bags. Since summer time is rapidly approaching, you can bring one of these bad boys down the shore, and attract everyone’s eye. The second I saw the hot pink trim out of the corner of my eye I was SOLD. Be sure to purchase your absolutely trendy bag the next time you are in Target…did I mention I love Target? (so fashionable AND affordable!)