Express Your Inner [MAC] Diva



Hello Beauty Lovers! It’s about that time again…and by “that” I mean dark & vampy lipstick time!!! I have been waiting patiently all summer for the cooler weather to finally kick in so I can rock deep red & dark purple lip colors. I certainly have quite a stash of darker lipstick hues already, however, no lipstick collection seems to ever be efficient enough. Last weekend I ventured out to hit up the MAC store in search of an autumn lipstick. Voila, I present to you MAC DIVA. This GORGEOUS matte lipstick flatters ALL skin tones and styles. It looks fantastic on the palest of skin tones (myself), and even on the darkest, this color seems to pop. Below are two pictures of the lipstick in varying lighting. PS please don’t mind the fact that I couldn’t resist wearing this lipstick already!!! ❤

Find your inner “Diva” HERE!!

–Under Bright, Artificial Lighting (FLASH OFF)–



–Flash ON–


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