OLAY – Moisturizer

This product is essential for anyone with sensitive skin (like myself!). When applying this product after washing your face, it does not feel oily or greasy! It completely dissolves into the skin, while supplying the skin with just the right amount of moisture. I’ve been using this OLAY moisturizer for 4 years now, and do not see myself switching to another product any time soon!


This beauty item is also SPF 15, so it protects your face from daily sun damage as well!

Giorgio Armani – Beauty

This is the ULTIMATE foundation for any skin tone/type!

I started using this Armani foundation about 1 year ago, and will never try anything else! It is so light and airy and blends perfectly with my skin tone.  Although it may be a tad pricy, it is an integral investment. Honestly, if your foundation is anything but perfect, try this and you’ll be satisfied. After I put this on every  morning I feel amazing and confident. Also, the coverage is out of this world and I even use it under my eyes to conceal my under-eye circles…Yes, it is that good.

Giorgio Armani

If you’re skeptical about purchasing a full bottle, which will cost you about $60, try hitting up your nearest department store with an Armani counter and ask for a sample. They also offer free makeovers that you can utilize, and they will help you find your perfect match!


Plus, the fact that Megan Fox is the spokeswoman for

Giorgio Armani cosmetics, speaks for itself!