Criss Cross – The Crossbody Bag

Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are my new favorite style of bags! I always loved the big, bulky purse (I still do), but these are so much easier to carry, and they are so fun! Since a majority of these bags are cheaper because their overall size is smaller, you can accumulate a ton of them that portray several styles, colors, textures, sizes and brands.

The picture above includes celebrities such as Rihanna and Kristin Cavallari sporting their crossbody bags! These bags are the latest trend that are taking over the world! (or maybe just Hollywood ;))

Crossbody BagsTory Burch

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In the first picture above, there are four DVF Mini Harper Bags in these four vibrant colors. The second picture consists of a Tory Burch Neon Snake Bag in “Flash Yellow”. These five colored crossbody bags display ultimate neon colors that will spice up any wardrobe, and create optimal focal points for any outfit!

Bold Backpack

Behold….the new and improved BACKPACK!!!

I just purchased the bag on the far right. Even though I graduated college and do not need a “bookbag” anymore, I still found several uses for these bags. Since summer time is rapidly approaching, you can bring one of these bad boys down the shore, and attract everyone’s eye. The second I saw the hot pink trim out of the corner of my eye I was SOLD. Be sure to purchase your absolutely trendy bag the next time you are in Target…did I mention I love Target? (so fashionable AND affordable!)