Let’s Make a Statement

Statement NecklacesStatement necklaces are ALL the rage, so it’s not difficult to indulge in shimmering new baubles. I own quite a collection of bold necklaces that tend to be the primary focal point of my ensembles. I think it’s fun to play around with statement pieces, because they can make an ordinary outfit, extraordinary. One evening, your outfit can be simple, yet stylish with a couple of bracelets and accessories that are not too over the top, and the next day, your look can be the talk of the party with all eyes directed toward the stunning stones and jewels draped around your neck. It IS true, bold necklaces are this year’s absolute must-have accessory, and you can never own too many (coming from a shopaholic, that is).

So, how do you wear a statement necklace? Here are some of my favorite statement necklaces that I’ve recently rocked:


statement necklace express



Statement necklace black



statement necklace gold chain



statement necklace forev. 22


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