Weighing in on Wedges

‘Tis the season for wearing wedges! Wedges pair perfectly with almost any summer outfit, and they flatter all figures as well. An outfit adorned with a posh pair of wedges ignites instant style, and embraces comfort. The fact that such a cute shoe can efficiently elongate the leg is wonderful. For those who are slightly height-challenged, these shoes are perfect for you, because of the fact that they add inches onto your natural height. In addition, they are extremely versatile in the sense that they can appropriately be worn during the day, yet they can comfortably be worn during evening hours.

There are several styles and shapes of wedges that work with specific styles. Some tend to be more on the simpler side and can go with a more casual, day-time outfit, and others are embellished with rhinestones and ribbons ideal for a more formal occasion. Here are some of the wedges outside of my personal collection that epitomize style and vogue:

XPLICIT_FAWN-PATENTSteve Madden $99.95

XPECTT_BLACKSteve Madden $109.95

Steve MaddenSteve Madden $99.99

G by GuessG by Guess $59.00

CL by Chinese Laundry $39.99CL by Chinese Laundry $39.99


6 thoughts on “Weighing in on Wedges

  1. Wedges don’t give you the stinging ball sensation like high heels! They are more stable for running for a meeting, train or up stairs! Love the selection you have featured.


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