Rainy Day Couture?

Unfortunately, with the SPRING season comes a little bit of rain, such as today. BUTTTTT, rain should NEVER stand in the way of dressing your best. Here are some style options that are especially cute on dreary, rainy days. PS…with rain comes flowers, so it’s not completely unfortunate!!! Enjoy!

1. This rain boot and legging look is effortless, and perfect for any rainy day and/or season. Just throw on a cute sweater or tee, slip on a pair of rain boots, and you’re off!


2. This next look is mirroring the previous outfit. Another idea is to add a vest that incorporates instant individual style to the look. The rain boots are another integral piece to this ensemble creating yet another simple, stormy outfit.

Rainy Day Blues

3. Here is a third rainy day get-up that truly sparks a strong fashion sense. You absolutely CAN wear a dress when the weather outside is dreary. Just remember…being comfortable is KEY! As long as your can slip into a dress that is comfy, this look is perfect. Just don’t forget your rain boots!!

Rainy Day Dress

Along with a stylish ensemble, you might need one of these…

Purchase this umbrella, along with several other ones at Target. Click HERE:



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